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The Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab at the School of Engineering (SEAS) and The Earth Institute, Columbia University uses engineering to help address development issues. We engineer software solutions to help make development planning smarter and to improve the delivery of critical services like health and energy in the developing world.
Fossil Fuel Ratio Map

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New qSEL Study Quantifies Important Considerations for Heating Decarbonization in the United States

Read the full article published in Joule. Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation get a lot of attention, but the 12% of nationwide emissions from burning fossil fuels in buildings [...]

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Lessons For The Future From The Recent Cold Weather Spell In The Northeast

For the few days before and after New Year’s Day, the Northeast experienced extreme cold temperatures. Natural gas prices peaked at nearly 50 times last year’s average. Electricity prices also [...]

Four More Shared Solar Installs In Uganda!

The Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab was asked to assist in the installation of four new Shared Solar units in rural Uganda. This past December, power was turned on and payment [...]

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In the last week of August 2017, IADB held a conference in conjunction with the Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab. The goal was to introduce and discuss new and innovative possibilities [...]

The Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Laboratory

In 2017 The Sustainable Engineering Lab had its official relaunch as the The Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Laboratory. The name change followed a generous supporting donation from the Quadracci family and [...]

Planning access to electricity under the SEforAll initiative in Ecuador

On March 6, a third workshop was held in relation to the preparatory studies leading to a national electrification plan for universal coverage throughout Ecuador. This is the third workshop [...]

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